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To a more Subject specific written agreement, all terms currently listed apply to all products and to all buyer customers and any transactions involving purchases from the itfame .gr online store fall under the conditions set out below and are clearly marked in our online store.




All products are subject to change without notice. Product images are sampled and the color of the finished product may vary.
Ordering is done The by the Sales Department of itfame .gr , which is responsible for the sale and shipment of products.
The buyer must be informed of the technical characteristics of the products he orders. Any information regarding our technical or other information is subject to any reservation.
Sending orders, as long as the product is available, is made on the same day, and delivery depends on Kilometric distance, or on weekends or holidays.
The consumer has the right to unsubscribe within 14 calendar days if no longer agreed but returns the goods to their excellent original condition and packaging, without incurring any cost  other than the refund .
In the event of non-execution of the order as agreed, the customer has every right to cancel it.
If the product is no longer available and can not be delivered within a reasonable time, itfame .gr sales department  informs the customer and cancels the order after it has been written or emailed .




The prices of all products are clearly marked and close to each product and include VAT.
For shipping products outside of Athens or for large packages, the shipping charge is determined by specific analytical tables adjusted according to the pricing policy of courier companies.
Indicative analytical tables can be found in a special article on our website.




Goods travel at the cost and responsibility of the store while their additional insurance charges are 0.90% of their final value.
For transports that have been delayed by external factors (such as strikes, road closures, extreme weather etc.), our shop is not responsible.




Once the goods are checked and received by the buyer, the shop is relieved of any further liability.


Issues of Guarantee of Goods and any returns for any reason are determined by the relevant provisions of the Greek Laws and the provisions of the European Union Directives.
Each manufacturer is responsible for any warranty (including how to do so). We are compelled to adhere strictly and without exception to all standardized and prescribed inspection, repair or refund procedures specified by him.
The only responsible for any device diagnosis and problem-solving is the manufacturer’s official Technical Control and Repair Centers and are not questioned.
Every device sold by us must include a user manual in Greek and the product warranty terms.
The Greek and European Legislation safeguards the rights of consumers through Laws and Directives such as N2251 / 94 (Government Gazette 191 / 16-11-1994), AC § 534, §537, §540 and §554 §555 as amended by Law3043 / 2002 .
for additional information, please contact the Ministry of Labor and Social Security – General Secretariat for Consumer / Consumer Protection Directorate – Canigos, on www.efpolis.gr, or call 1520.
the Manufacturers’ Warranty covers only manufacturing errors or shortcomings in the device . Any damage resulting from falling, dampness, negligence, maltreatment, interference by unauthorized persons or inappropriate use of the internal parts automatically sets the product “Out of Warranty” and its repair is charged.
You wish to If make a claim under the limited Warranty that accompanies each product, you should address it directly responsible to the Technical Department of the Official Dealer or Authorized Service Points as well as to the itfame .gr Customer Service Center .
the itfame.gr  he must deliver all the goods in excellent condition. If the product is not in good condition, it automatically gives the buyer the right, cancels the receipt or returns it.
Guarantees for all products destined for the European Union are required to be covered by the official representatives concerned. Otherwise, itfame.gr  must cover the Guarantee.
Refunds of products that do not pose a problem are charged to the buyer (such as shipping, handling or control costs).




Up to the final payment of the goods, they remain the property of itfame .gr .




If no payment method is specified, then it is a delivery on delivery. Appropriate and acceptable forms of payment are as follows:


  1. Cash receipt from our store
    ATTENTION:  Transactions of individuals over € 1,500 (VAT included) will be through the banking system. Transaction transactions of more than 500 EUR (plus VAT) will be via the banking system.
  2. Payment of the delivery order at the place you selected. (There is extra shipping cost)
    ATTENTION:  Transactions of individuals over € 1,500 (plus VAT) will be through the banking system. Transaction transactions of more than 500 EUR (plus VAT) will be via the banking system.
  3. Using a credit / debit card
    With an online transaction, send the order to your place. When you receive your order, you are required to physically identify and authenticate your information through your identity card, and  you may not receive your order from a third party unless authorized by a public authority. There is an extra cost of transport.
    Upon receipt of your order, your physical presence is required upon receipt of your order with your credit / debit card and your identity. In this case, the order may  not be received by a third party unless authorized by a public authority . The same applies if you order on behalf of a company, the card must be  corporate  and the name of the company  the recipient should  be  written  on the card body. ATTENTION:  for repayment by credit or debit card with online transaction and receipt from our 134 Solonos, 106 77 Athens, order must be registered Monday-Friday and hours 13: 00-18: 00 and confirmed via our call center 211 1118606. Otherwise, the redemption process will take place at the store. There is no extra charge for using Credit and Debit Cards.
  4. Deposit to one of our Bank Accounts below. The name of the beneficiary that will appear is Photovoltaic Trading-Holdings Ltd.
    There is extra shipping cost:
    To pay for your bank transfer, select one of the following bank accounts. In
    this case, your order is executed after you have sent us by fax at 210 2111 861 or via e-mail at  info@itfame.gr in  account the nominal deposit of the the final amount of the order  (the remittance costs are borne by the buyer) , to which the order number should be mentioned as a reason. Delivery time starts on the date of confirmation of the deposit.
    ATTENTION:  for repayment by credit or debit card with on-line transaction and receipt from our shop Kourtidou

Athens, the order has to be registered Monday – Friday and hours 13: 00-18: 00 and confirmed via our call center. Otherwise, the redemption process will take place in the store.



Recognizing the utmost importance of personal data protection and transaction security, we use the most advanced methods to ensure speed and reliability while providing you with high standard services in every case.
The itfame .gr  (name, address, telephone numbers, e-mail, etc.) are registered (accessible) by authorized employees, strictly and only when required, disclosure to third parties, and not for other purposes (eg, advertising). This excludes cases of public prosecutors, judicial or other public authorities.


  1. Credit / debit card payments are made with absolute security as you can submit your security data and passwords through Eurobank, which is pioneering the adoption of new security standards for card payment transactions, such as the 3DSecure protocol that forms the basis of a series of services provided by MasterCard and Visa internationally, to protect the parties and minimize the likelihood of malicious actions or interceptions by using sophisticated systems of detection and prevention of card fraud, has established the mandatory use of SSL 128 standard for secure data transfer.
    This way you have the certainty that your card details are not submitted to us but directly to the Bank, so they will not under any circumstances be intercepted.
    Note- For your own security, we advise you, such as when you sign in to Bank’s page or initiate a Credit / Debit card transaction, be careful that the link as shown in your browser starts with https: // .. .. …. and not http: //.
    Any card transaction implies a prior full understanding of the terms of use and operation of the system. For more information about the security of your transactions or if you have any doubts, please do not hesitate to contact us before submitting your transaction, such as contacting us directly via e-mail, asking us for relevant questions (you can also contact Eurobank Customer Service).
    CAUTION: There is no extra charge for using Credit and Debit Cards. If your credit / debit card submission is done on a remote computer rather than by physical presence in our store, there may be a delay from the Bank until your approval is complete, thus delaying the shipment of goods to you. In the meantime, even if the money is already blocked from your account, it will not be committed by us or for our benefit, but by the Bank itself (until the transaction is completed or stopped).
  2. PayPal transactions allow you even more convenience and security in your transactions as you have already identified an email account with a credit card or bank account. This allows you to make purchases quickly and completely safely in any case from your computer or mobile phone.
    We always recommend that you follow the required security rules, such as when you enter PayPal or your e-mail accounts, enter your browser’s “private browsing” environment, or delete the history of the pages you’ve visited. So if you access via shared computers (eg internet cafe), or lose your mobile phone (or your laptop) you will not be in danger of disclosing your personal data or even possibly losing money by surfing.
    Note-For your security we advise you, when you log in to the PayPal page, be careful that your connection appears in your browser starting with https: // …….. and not http: // .. ……
    Any transaction via PayPal implies a prior full understanding of the terms of use and operation of the system. For more information or clarifications regarding the security of your transactions or if you have any doubts, please do not hesitate to contact us before submitting your transaction, as you directly contact us via e-mail.




The itfame .gr  can not be blamed for any failure that can cause product which distributes and markets and which are covered by European safety standards. The manufacturer must be informed of the correct use and precautions of his products.




The software that is inside the devices is licensed by the software manufacturer. The terms of use of the instructions and usage restrictions are similarly given by the software manufacturer rather than the product. Software packages or products containing software can only be returned if the manufacturer’s Security Tape has not been opened and the packaging should be in perfect condition.




For any transaction made with itfame .gr , the law of Greece is applicable and it is agreed that the Courts of Athens are the competent authorities for settlement of disputes.




Product images are sampled and the color of the finished product may vary. Product returns or replacements (eg color ratio) are accepted only upon agreement and if the product has not been opened or used.
Also, refunds are not accepted in case of damage or damage to its packaging.
The cost of Transportation, of all products returned to the Company, is borne by the purchaser.
To itfame .gr  reserves the right not to accept product returns when it considers that there are particular reasons.




The itfame .gr  provides consumers with a guarantee of replacement of any defective mobile device purchased from us, when certain conditions are met.

CONDITIONS:  If you purchased a device that due to a manufacturing error could not be put into operation in the first place, it is automatically marked as “Dead On Arrival” DOA, which means the device never switched on. If you purchased a device that came into operation but then showed signs of severe malfunction in the next few days, then the device is automatically called DAP, ie Dead After Purchase, which means that the device has stopped working or has experienced serious problems actual defects) within a reasonable period that the manufacturer determines (or proposes). In the case of DAP, the replacement or repair of the device is exclusively determined by the manufacturer’s service policy. 

PROCEDURES:  The certified procedures we follow as a shop are in harmony with the official procedures followed by manufacturers and official sales points worldwide. So if you buy from us a device that falls within the above listed, then you should first notify us by phone or send us an e-mail to record the problem and direct you to be timely of the Limited Limited Warranty. Please also be aware of the scope of this special provision (DAP / DOA) of the device you are interested in. Each Manufacturer sets (or proposes) in a different way each calendar time and may differ from Company to Company.Usually this interval includes only a few days or even maximum usage time of the device. All standard procedures for DAP / DOA apply to all users without exception. Under no circumstances will we have the right to arbitrate or to act in a discriminatory or selective manner against a portion of the consumer in contravention of the instructions or in breach of the terms of the particular manufacturer. Any decision as to whether or not a particular device is covered by the warranty (DAP / DOA) is taken by the official technical department of the respective Manufacturer in our country. Under DAP / DOA, if there is no corresponding official written memo from the technical department.The time required for this check depends solely on them, taking into account (and on the basis of the Law) the minimum possible disturbance of the consumer and any delay to it, theitfame .gr accepts no responsibility whatsoever. The itfame .gr no way replace a product with similar or different or returned money to any consumer although primarily the relevant control is not performed if there is documentary evidence of the manufacturer (via its respective technical section) that is in effect the DAP / DOA. Any objections, objections, disagreements on the part of the consumer should be communicated primarily to us and, by extension, to the technical control department as well as to the relevant Department of Consumer Protection of the Ministry of Development.


The DAP / DOA special limited warranty does not apply if: Damage proves to be the fault of the consumer with an official document from the manufacturer’s official technical department (regarding the consumer’s fault, you can refer to the general warranty terms of the shop The device is not accompanied by the box and all its accessories (eg battery, booklet, hands free, charger, etc.). The validity period of the Guarantee, which is evidenced between the confrontation of the purchase receipt (or invoice) and the delivery receipt from our store for review, is deducted annually. If your device has not been purchased from our store or if the unique IMEI number clearly written on the purchase receipt is not the same as the device you provide us. If for any reason you have any additional questions regarding the terms or ways of providing the DAP / DOA guarantee, please contact us to provide you with relevant information. In any case, we are committed to being responsible and serious, providing you with high-quality products and services, according to the strictest standards and quality controls of the global market.


By confirming each order electronically, it is understood that all terms are understood fully and unconditionally. Any questions, clarifications or inappropriate understanding of the shipping, payment and warranty terms currently mentioned should be clarified by the buyer, further requesting details in writing. In the event of any dispute, the addressee is required to notify it in writing to itfame .gr , within 48 hours of receipt, indicating the disclosure by registered letter or to submit it electronically by requesting an acknowledgment of receipt. In this case, the customer is obliged to immediately return intact all the goods and itfame .grexpressly reserves its right to withdraw from this sale unreasonably. To itfame .gr in any case, to do the best to ensure you a reliable and profitable market in every respect.

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